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Today was a good day.

My classes went well; the year nine drama class is creating a melodrama piece that already has me in tears, and they've only been working on it for two days. My year 7 band class were angels as usual, and are really starting to sound good; I've been able to start giving them notes on things like posture instead of things like "you are playing a completely different song that the rest of the class". My after-school music group was alot of fun as well, although I never get as far with them as I do with the classes that run in school hours.

There was also a sufficiently large amount of drama, that did not involve me in any way, to keep me highly entertained. A forgotten birthday cake (birthdays are HUGE at my school) and an insane fight at our department meeting, beginning with the words "Gunnell is just a fucking shitty teacher", made today probably the highlight of my week.

Finally, I came home to discover that my skinny jeans not only fit me again, but do not require lube and a pair of pliers to get on. I am going out to a birthday dinner in two hours, and plan on getting pleasantly buzzed on wine and good food (but not too much of either, if I want my skinny jeans to still fit me tomorrow).
There are only 3.5 weeks until Jeremy and I fly back to Canada; we've booked a week in Mexico to kick off our vacation, and the remaining 2.5 weeks will be spent seeing family and friends (and of course, massive amounts of shopping).

There are days where the voice inside my head spends alot of it's time bitching. About how buying -everything- over the Internet is a HUGE pain in the ass, how gossip spreads around this town like fire, about how ungrateful and rude children can be when they want to. Today is not one of those days. Today, things are really, really good.


Just a side note: I really should start writing more about the ridiculous things that happen at school. There are so many, and they do make me smile. Teaching really has put a different perspective on alot of my memories from highschool, haha.

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