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I'm in the mood to write. Haven't been in a long time. I'm too busy, or too happy, or something like that. But there are always moments where that stuff fades, and I feel like I want to write again.

School is busy. Stressful. Fun. Awesome. Sometimes I'm so frustrated by things there I want to break things, but generally it gets me out of bed every morning not hating my life, which is all anyone can really ask for. Plus the money is INSANE for a teacher. I recently actually LOOKED at my paystub and had this surreal flashback to a day at Uni when they told us how much we could to expect to make in our first few years. I'm doubling that. I'm not bragging, I'm just lucky I live in W.A right now, where they actually pay teachers what they're worth. I'll definitley take a paycut when we move.

Speaking of moving... there were some rumblings about leaving this place last week.... we are both getting itchy feet. However Jeremy's been offered a higher position in january, and I still have alot of I want to do at school... so we're staying, most likely. We're reserving the final decision for December, but it's almost certain.

Ian and Steve just came over. Ian bought me an awesome T-Shirt. For no reason.... I have insanely cool friends. Teacher-friends are awesome as well...... we had a really crazy party last Friday.....Some have disapointed me for sure..... but I won't go into that right now.

Dammit. I was just about to get all morose, but now friends are over, and i'm getting yelled at to get off the computer.

More later? maybe.


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