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This post is basically just to say that I am still alive, just INSANELY busy with school. Like, ridiculously. HOWEVER.... our big concert is coming up soon, and as soon as that is done I plan on basically bullshitting the last month of school, so I should have more time to relax/write in here.

Also just wanted to say. Cannot DESCRIBE how excited I am that we are going back to Canada soon. Cannot. Wait. :D

I sit here in the afternoon sun, sipping lemon-lime gelato smoothie. The day is perfect; no clouds, just effortless blue sky, warm breezes and birdsong. I baked brownies and Jeremy put together our new computer....I can't even describe how relaxed and content I am now.

Too bad it's back to work tomorrow....sigh.



Tyler. Yes. My Ex Tyler.


Jesus. JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZUS. I mean, my mind was blown when Brent had a kid. Yes. But Brent was just always so....RESPONSIBLE, in a way. He really always seemed like a dad-in-waiting, if that makes any sense. I mean yes, he was never really GOING anywhere career wise, but he had his head on straight (most of the time). Hang on, I need another glass of wine for this post.

So yeah, I was shocked when Brent had a kid..... but TYLER?!??!!?!?!? TYLER?!?!?!?!?!? I dumped him because I was the most RESPONSIBLE one in the relationship!!!! He made me feel like his mother sometimes cause he was just so... YOUNG. Yes, he's two years younger than me, but I mean mentally as well.. he was just such a kid at heart. All his video games and comic books and little adoring love letters that he wrote me....he was just so immature. And now. HE HAS A CHILD.

I think my brain just exploded.
you were the last good thing about that part of town.

Some things never change....

Jeremy: Huh, we really need a salt shaker...I should probably steal one from work next week.
Rhiannon: Ok, sounds good!
Jeremy: I make almost 100,000 dollars a year, and yet I would still rather steal a salt shaker from work than buy one from the store. It's just so much more satisfying that way.

I'm married to this guy. And the thing is, I completely agree with him. :D

Obama-worship and WACOT.

Don't take this the wrong way.
I am, clearly, very happy that Obama won. He was far and away the best choice, and I believe good things will come of this.
My Facebook friends are seriously starting to piss me off. It seems that everyone is in a competition right now to be THE MOST TOTALLY OVERJOYED AND DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY PERSON BECAUSE OF THE ELECTION RESULTS, and THE BIGGEST SUPPORTER OF OBAMA EVAAAARRRRRR. Some of their statuses suggest that Obama getting elected is about on par with the second coming of Christ. I mean, come on people. It's still America, it's still the year 2008, and there is still ALOT of cleaning up to do. Also, don't forget that a significant number of people voted AGAINST Obama. Clearly the attitudes and beliefs of every single American haven't changed overnight.
I don't mean to be a downer. This is a VERY positive result, I am grateful to all the American citizens who voted, and I am excited to see how America progresses over the next 4 years. But I just wish that my friends on Facebook would stop acting like all the problems of the world were solved last night. One in particular, gushing how "overcome with emotion" she is, made me want to vomit a little, in my mouth.

Anyways, in other news I got my WACOT certification yesterday, and faxed off my application to the DET today. So hopefully I could be teaching in a week or two!!! Yay!!!

The Weekend.

I had an awesome weekend.
Jeremy and I went off-roading in the Jeep Saturday, exploring the untainted scenery around our town. Found rolling, red hills and deep, secret saphire pools. Irredscent green-gold grass sprouting from blood coloured earth, and of course the blue, blue sky, unspoiled by a single white cloud.
Sunday was more relaxed, but just as enjoyable. Went garage-saling and bought a dining room table and a lawn mower, both of which we badly needed. We did some household chores that would have been boring if not for the fact that we were doing them together, as we lazed through the morning. In the afternoon, we drove round to Rosie's house, and spent a few hours soaking in her aqua coloured pool, beneath the indigo sky. Palm trees softly whispered above us, and occasionaly a lazy fly, drunk on heat and sunlight, would circle us as a halo.
We are content, peaceful. The little daily-life stresses do not really touch us. I know it won't always be like this, but for now I am happy that we are happy, in this new land. Tomorrow is a holiday in Newman, and tonight we are going to Ian's house, to watch TV and hang out, drink some beer. Be with other happy people. It is a gift.

Today I have to clean the kitchen, do the laundry. I don't like playing the housewife, but there are worse things in the world than mopping. I will be overjoyed when I finally can become a productive member of society, but for now, while I'm waiting... there are worse things.

I also killed a red-back spider in our shed this morning. They are very poisonous. Another side to our new adopted home. This might be a country of harsh, bold lines and strong colour palletes that make you want to stare for hours, but it's also a place that can kill you, very quickly, without much bother. I love it, although sometimes I do miss the placid Ontario countryside, safe in so many ways. But life is about taking risks, right? Making a choice, placing bets. And I can't help but thinking, that the wager we made in coming here, is turning out to look like a sure thing.


I'm married!

So, I've been a pretty sporadic poster, and there has been ALOT of back-and-forth about what exactly we were going to do for our wedding. Originally, we were going to have the big traditional family wedding, until one day we stopped, looked at each other, and asked 'why???'. After lots of thought and re-planning, on February 6th, 2008, we had our dream wedding. It was simply the best day of my life!!! For details, gratuitous amount of pictures, and a mini rant about why eloping is awesome, click the cut!!!

We got married!!!!!Collapse )

He tastes like you but sweeter

Loss cradles, mimicking the lover once held so-
Music made to break the heart;
"Oh, Lady".
Tears that will not flow:
We learn to bend or we break.

New layout from The Fulcrum.... link in my sidebar. I'm very excited about it!!!!
I've been posting a lot of private entries..... my thoughts lately are not...anything that should be put down on paper for others to see. So, I hide. In real life.... well, I quit my soul killing job at M.P. I just couldn't do it anymore. I can't be someone's little retails slave!!! *argh* seriously though, I would have put up with it if the boss hadn't been psychotic.... I'm not the only one who couldn't deal, a part time girl quit too. I've had my share of shitty jobs with shitty bosses, but this one REALLY took the cake *sigh* anyways, now I have to go to the trouble of finding something else! Hopefully not involving retail... but I know that'll be all I can find in this town right now. Kingston actually has one of the highest unemployment rates in Ontario. It's because of all the university students who graduate and then stay here like me, heh. There's too much educated surplus workforce. ANYWAYS. Only 4 more months, give or take.... I just keep telling myself that.
We might be going out t Nevada next weekend! Jeremy has a job interview out there in November, we're just trying to work out dates with the company. They are paying for both of us to go down for 4 days, which is sweet. They are also going to try and set up a meeting for me with someone from the school board, which is awesome.... I can not WAIT to get a REAL job teaching, heh. So that will be cool.... there is also NO income tax in Nevada! Which means you make alot more money there.... squeee! I'm trying not to get too excited... but at least it would be something DIFFERENT, you know? I reallyreally don't want to stay in Canada. Even though I said I'd NEVER live in the states.... well, I guess I could put up with it for a few years. The company (Barrick) is a huge international mining company, and after putting in a few years in Nevada we could transfer anywhere in the world. They actually have a new mine opening up in the Dominican!!!! how awesome would that be? *sigh* anyways like I said we will have to wait and see.
Other than that, there isn't really anything new going on. Jeremy is really busy finishing school.... just the humdrum business of daily life. I'm excited that things are actually going to start HAPPENING soon though..... yay!

Only 3 days of house(wife)-arrest left!

Oh my dear sweet Lord, I NEED to get the hell outta here.

I'm going crazy with boredom. It's almost like, now that there are only 3 days separating me and freedom from house(wife)-arrest, the time is CRAWLING by. ARGH. On the bright side, this Saturday we are flying to Cairns for 9 days of snorkelling and rain-forest adventures. I plan on getting my hands -literally- on a Koala. If you pay 15 bucks at the zoo, they will actually let you CUDDLE one, and take a picture. Money well spent in my mind.
I am SO frikken excited to be going back home. I just want to get on with all the other stuff in my life! I want to work, I want to see my friends, I want to wedding plan and figure out where we are going to move next September. God I know I sound like a broken record these days but I'm just SO sick and tired of being here. I don't know HOW some women do the whole housewife deal. *sigh*
Another reason it is a good thing that we are only here for three more days, is the fact that I am seriously pondering killing Mike. Everything he does drives me insane, and his girlfriend is getting to be just as bad. Jeremy and I often joke about all the ways they could randomly die, haha. :P We're not bad people I promise, Mike is just COMPLETELY unbearable to be around. Honestly they are THAT horrible. Imagine the most AGGRAVATING person you have ever known, and times them by 100. *sigh* I keep repeating the mantra of *only three days* under my breath to myself.
I really don't have anything else interesting to write about. Unless the internet would find a detailed description of the laundry I did today interesting? I could talk about the disgusting mass of burnt food I cleaned off the stove today (Jeremy and I haven't cooked anything on there for days). God I'm bored. And, BORING. Ugh. I need to get the HELL out of Australia.